WISE offers a set of services that users can exploit via any Internet Web Browser. For the time begin, all currently available services are free of charge. The principal services provided are:
the SEARCH TOOL, whose mission is to gather information on the institutions forming the SatNEx community, as far as their involvement in satellite communications is concerned;
the QUESTION BOARD, by which any Internet user can post a query to the SatNEx community, regarding one of the topics that are part of the expertise belonging to the community;
the COMPETENCE CHECK-IN, where non members of the SatNEx community (individuals or institutions) can introduce themselves to the SatNEx community and offer their expertise;
the LIBRARY SERVICE, by which authorized people may download all common publications, including those collected in the open book phase;
the STATISTICAL TOOL, to continuously monitor and report the activities of WISE. Interesting statistics can be collected about the most popular problems/research topics/contacted people/etc.