Visions and System Studies


The visions and systems studies work area adopts a top down approach to complement and provide new research drives for the satellite communications research agenda for the remainder of SatNEx-II.
It consists of three Joint Activities (JAs): 1) Research Strategy and Visions, 2) Satellites in 3G and Beyond and 3) Broadband Access Networks.
The first one is the visions and research agenda activity whose horizon scans and continuously updates the SatNEx vision and compares it with other visions. In addition, it produces a research agenda which is tested against others in the European Union (EU) and the European Space Agency (ESA) to identify gaps in research or areas which are not being adequately covered by other research programmes. These are then fed into the systems studies and enabling JA’s where more detailed work is performed.
The second and the third ones are JA’s which take the key new sectors identified in the Research Strategy and Visions, and develop systems architectures and research issues at a top level. These architectures are then used as reference for enabling research JA activities where more detailed research is conducted. The rationale is to firmly base the detailed research into systems requirements, and future architectures.
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SatNEx Vision

The attached file presents the SatNEx Vision

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