This research area addresses networking issues from systems, protocol and security perspectives. From the system perspective, satellite will play a complementary role to existing terrestrial telecommunication infrastructure as well as to emerging network platforms such as the High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) to enable global broadband wireless access through system integration and interworking, with emphasis on an all-IP network infrastructure.

Such a complementary role often involves providing network connectivity and service access in extreme environments where terrestrial network infrastructures are infeasible to be deployed or are disrupted such as in a disastrous situation or in deep space communications.

From the protocol perspective, independent layer protocol stack design can no longer sustain the ever changing conditions of network environment, calling for new protocol stack optimisation techniques through a crosslayer design approach. To successfully complement, interwork and integrate with terrestrial networks, security measures in satellite networks should be comparable to those implemented in the IP-based terrestrial networks.

The main goal is to define new concept for system integration and to define new service and networking scenarios for satellite, taking into account security and with a view to improving the network performance through cross-layer protocol design concept and to developing an IP-based networks, encompassing both satellite and its terrestrial counterparts to ensure protocol convergence.

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