Air Interface


Research on the Air Interface aims at developing know-how and expertise in all facets involved in the optimised design of the satellite link for all kinds of applications, their considered frequency bands and relevant terminal environment. The goal is to maximise capacity of the system, to minimise the cost of the terminal, to guarantee the QoS requirements, while preserving flexibility to cope with evolution of services and users expectations.

The various issues to be investigated in the definition of the air interface and the management of the satellite resource are addressed in the following three Joint Activities (JA), each JA being subdivided into Focus Topics (FT) and Specific Research Activities (SRAs) :

  • Channel Modelling and Propagation Impairments Simulation, is dedicated to the investigations of all issues related to propagation for satellite communications and navigation.

  • Physical Layer, where of all issues related to physical layer of communication and navigation systems are considered.

  • Radio Resource Allocation and Adaptation, aiming at the development of concepts and algorithms for optimised access and radio resource management able to support multimedia traffic with QoS guarantee.

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